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GAC: 13 Years in Review

WOW, it has been 13 years since we first organized the nonprofit “Global Ascension Center” which has been re-organized and now is known as “Access Gaia”. Keep reading to find out more!

Notable milestones for the past 13 years, including the renaming and reforming of the organization as “Access Gaia”

  • 2011 Gaia sends a request for me to organize and create sacred spaces around the world where people can gather to connect directly with Gaia and all beings that are part of her.

  • 2012 On February 13th, 2012, I made a public announcement on my website of the request, and also for people to start looking for land. Donations began to arrive as well as offers of help, land proposals and more. At the end of 2012, with the amount of donations that had arrived being over $30,000, I put together an impeccable team and we formally created The Global Ascension Center as a nonprofit status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. In the United States of America.

  • 2012-2016 We had many activities, including classes, courses, physical gathering and other events to fulfill our goals of education and continued looking for land and raising funds. The properties we looked at were pretty, but just not quite right for our balance sheet, or our purpose.

  • 2016 We located and inaugurated our first parcel of GAC land! It is in the Olympic Peninsula Rainforest close to the deepest lake in the state, Lake Crescent, and across from a natural hot springs, and bordering a paved bicycle path known as the Discovery Trail.From Port Angeles, take Highway 101 West. After you go past Lake Crescent, you will see the Sol Duc Hot Springs indicated on a big brown signpost. Across the highway from the Hot Springs road entrance, which is to your left, drive into a small parking area that is on your right.  There you will see an entrance to the discovery trail, and Access Gaia land is the first property on your left. The land goes past Mr Rock, a large face like rock, and onto a few feet from the trail junction.  There is an old road entrance to the land which is blocked with a fallen tree.

  • 2016-2018 Several volunteers came to visit with the land, we had cleaning parties, connection events, marked the boundaries and took care of the trails and picked mushrooms.

  • 2019-2023 Larry and I became the main stewards of the land. It felt as though the land and the project had fulfilled its initial purpose.

  • 2022 In February 2022, our 2017 call for volunteers brought a new BoD member, Dr Kara Consigli. 

  • 2024 GAC legally transfers all assets and responsibilities to Access Gaia! Larry, Kara and myself are the BoD for the new organization and we are actively seeking volunteers for the land stewardship, BoD, Fundraising, Grant Writing, and Online Events and Classes organization as well as accepting donations.

Make sure to check out ways to participate and connect with the mission through donations and volunteering.

With this review, I hope that you will continue to stay with us and celebrate many more years of Access Gaia, previously known as the Global Ascension Center.

Inelia Benz

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3 kommentarer

Wow, interesting update and timeline! This is the first time I've seen the Access Gaia/GAC web page.

Synes godt om

Hello Inelia! What a welcome Surprise this is. I add my love and highest vibrational intentions for success in its infinite permutations.

Synes godt om
Svarer til

hi Teresa we agree it it is so excellent! thanks for your kind wishes.

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