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Entering Sacred Land - Meditation Transcript

Below you can find the transcript for the "Entering Sacred Land" meditation. You can use it to enter or create sacred land anywhere you are (you may wish to substitute "California" for another place name).

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Transcript for Entering Sacred Land - The Meditation

Let's just be silent for a few minutes. As you enter that space of silence, the intent would be that - basically - acknowledging that everything you can sense, see, hear, including the human constructed elements, sounds, are alive. They are sentient, alive essences. Like every bit of grass, the trees, even the trees that appear to be dead, they’re alive -the energy, the essence is there.

If you feel any fear, any judgment, with regards to nature, sounds or anything, allow them to exist in your field. Allow the energy of fear or anger or righteousness or savior to exist in your field; you welcome it.

And start feeling the beauty. there's beauty in the dry grass, there;s beauty in the trees, there's beauty in the tarmac, in the cars. it's all part of this environment. So tarmac, car, cell phone, you're welcome here. sometimes what can happen is that when we're welcoming things that are humanly created, we start loosing connection with the elementals. So then we go back. That separation is our construct. Our human construct. So, sense of disconnect, you're welcome here. i allow you to exist in my field.

It's our intent to reactivate the sacredness of this space into our reality. A lifting of the veils between worlds. Let this be a place where we can be one with all. In this space we are the earth, we are the grass, we are the trees and the dirt, we are the animals below us and above us, we are the elementals.

For the next few minutes i'd like you to sit and hear the wind, hear the grass and the trees, observe hear sense taste feel with your skin, with your emotions, without judgement, without affecting or without wanting to be affected. Just observe.

If you get any resistance, observe the resistance and allow it to exist.

Now intend to be the rain, the air, the wind, the grass, the dust, the trees, the animals, the birds, the insects, the elementals. in this location.

If you encounter any resistance, welcome the resistance for as long as it needs to be there. be the resistance.

It is our intent that the veil between the higher vibrational expression of Gaia and her physicality - what we might consider to be 5th dimension, 10th dimension - be fully expressed here in this spot and the veil that separates that physicality from the human construct reality, not exist here.

A portal, gateway, a node of communication, exist here.

May the journey to multidimensional expression be easier here for anyone who enters.

We are grateful and thank the elementals who have joined us today and request that they too add any intent, energy or construct that they feel happy with, comfortable with and joyful with, if they so wish.

We give permission as representatives of the human collective who have been called here today for this sacred spot, this portal of multidimensionality, to become as large as it needs to be or wants to be, to encompass the entire park if the park wills it, to encompass all of California, if all of California wills it, to encompass the entire planet if the entire planet wills it and allowing all of the locations around the planet where the veil is very thin to become thinner still.

As human beings we intend that our own flesh, the earth, the land, the soil of our bodies are that sacredness, are that multidimensional portal. may we walk in emotion, thought, language, expression in that higher vibrational sacred space as the embodiment of the portal as we move through life. and if we ever forget, simply to remember and redo what was undone.

This ritual event or whatever we came here, there's a beginning but there's no end. And as we leave this physical location, lets do it in our own comfort whether we want to talk or be quiet, silent, we can sit down at one of the picnic areas and have a little lunch and share. Know that we have been acknowledged. that the land elementals have acknowledged us. That each of us at anytime anyone on the planet can be a representative of the human race and can have that representation be the highest of intention and vibration. Thank you.

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