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The Global Ascension Center is MANIFESTED

Updated: Jan 24

It is with huge happiness and inspiration that I am sending this update to you. At the end of 2011, I received a request from Gaia to open a Center. There was a lot of confusion about what shape this Center would take, I interpreted to be a place of study and union, where people could come together to learn, heal, create… But when we attempted to do that, we quickly realized it was a completely different project.

Myself and others sat together to feel into the request, see what it was really about. And Gaia came in strong and clear, it was about land. It was about the reactivation of land as a sacred space. A place, land, where trees, animals, elementals, ultra-dimensional beings, and humans could join, chat, and raise to the frequency and vibration where Gaia exists now. A very high, clear, crystal, and empowered place. It was about taking land from private hands, and activating it into a high frequency vibration that is then accessible to anyone, everyone, who enters it with the aim of joining and engaging at that high frequency.

It was about sacred land.

The Global Ascension Center is a place where we carry out a real time journey of remembering how to be one with our environment at a very physical level.

The Global Ascension Center request and vision from Gaia inspired thousands of people around the world, and they started sending in donations and offers of support, help and volunteering of their skills. It's been such an amazing experience to visit land being reactivated... Eat the mushrooms, walk the space and observe human animal plant interactions at so many different levels.

It has taken years, but now we have manifested our first GAC property. It was a clear, fast and easy land to acquire.

Today, I can tell you it is READY and free of any type of legal or physical encroachment.

The land is (at the writing of this news) 10% activated. By visiting it, and allowing ourselves to sit in this land at our highest frequency, we will continue activating until we get to 100%. The process is gentle and it allows for the adaptation of the people, plants, elementals and animals in the area to adapt to the new frequencies.

It is just under 3 Acres, on a beautiful bike/hiking trail called The Olympic Discovery Trail, and borders hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest.

You are invited to come and spend time at the first GAC land. Bring your bike, or your hiking shoes, and explore the trail! Full map directions below.

Our next steps are to put up an animal friendly fence to delineate a private property on one side of the land, and building an arrival hub. The arrival hub will be a small wooden structure where you will be able to rest, have coffee or tea, water, and snacks. It will be free, self service, and maintained by those who use it. We also hope to acquire and leave a few bicycles for your use in the hub. The door will have a security key, the access code for it will be emailed to all individuals who have donated time and money toward GAC becoming a reality.

We also plan to have joined meditations at the land at least once per year.

There is the location in Google maps, and also driving directions to the GAC Land:

From Port Angeles, take Highway 101 West. After you go past Lake Crescent, you will see the Sol Duc Hotsprings indicated on a big brown signpost. In front of the road that goes to the Hotsprings, which is to your left, drive into a small parking area that is on your right. That is the trailhead, and the GAC land is the first property marked with surveyor markers on the left of the trail, after the yellow pillars. The land goes past Mr Rock, a large face like rock, and onto a few feet from the trail junction. There is an entrance to the land which is blocked with a fallen tree (to stop cars driving into it).

Please be aware that there is a public porta-potty on the trail, past Mr Rock, that you can use, please don’t use the land as a restroom. And we would ask you not to camp or stay on the land overnight as there are no permits or facilities for you to do that. There are, however, many lodgings and even some airbnb micro-cabins on the trail across from the GAC land. We have not stayed on the micro-cabins, so cannot give a personal recommendation about them.

On the land there are also many Sasquatch signs and markers, it is a wonderful place for you to make a connection with this advanced species.

Also be aware that there are bears, cougars, deer and other wild animals in this region of the world. Educate yourself about animal encounters. We have found deer, coyote and raccoon markings in the land.

With much gratitude, this is Inelia Benz.

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